Free Buying Services for Niagara Area Home Buyers


Real Estate always has and always will be one of the best roads leading to long term wealth. How you travel down that road is paramount. The Realtor is a very important component to your success. Deciding on the right property to purchase will have a major impact on your term wealth strategy. The Cupolo Crew has the experience and knowledge to guide you thru every step of the process. If you are looking at a home that we would not feel comfortable selling a member of our family, we won’t let you buy it. That’s our promise to you.




1) MORTGAGE – With interest rates at a historic low, now is the time to buy a home. If you are renting, it would be cheaper to own than rent. The Cupolo Crew works with many different banks and mortgage brokers. Depending on your situation, we can arrange an informal meeting with the lender who best suits your current situation. When you are looking to see what you can afford, the determining factors are your income, your monthly payment obligations, down payment, mortgage payment, property tax and heating costs. Getting a preapproval is probably the best place to start. This process can be simplified with the helping hand of the Cupolo Crew.


2) NEEDS & WANTS - We will use your wish list as our launching pad to find you the perfect home. Things to consider include: number of bedrooms & bathrooms, size of kitchen, how much living and dining space is required, finished basement, garage and size of yard make up a good start to a wish list.


3) STYLE OF HOME – The desirable style of home will mesh with your needs and wants list. Depending on your lifestyle, a split level might be better than a 2 storey or you may pick a bungalow over a bi level. There are plenty of option and once you have a seen a few homes, it will become crystal clear what style home best suits you and your family.


4) THE 5 YEAR PLAN – With the guidance of the Cupolo Crew, you will be in a perfect financial position in 5 years. You are buying a home now, but in 5 years you will look at it as an investment. How we handle the purchase of your home will have a critical impact on your ability to move onto the next chapter of your life. It’s our responsibility to ensure you have built up a nice amount of equity in your home to have a chance to move onto bigger and better. You may love your home so much after 5 years that you don’t want to even think about moving. Either way we are going to set you up to be in the best financial situation you have ever experienced in your life.


Contact us today and let’s start planning for a greater future. Everything we do for Buyers is FREE. There is no cost or obligation for us helping you. VERY IMPORTANT – We never have you sign a Buyers Representation Agreement until after we have an accepted offer on your new home.



Please contact me if you have any questions about buying a home in The Niagara Region


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