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There are many factors when determining the current value of your home. There are a few differences between the Cupolo Crew and a Home Appraiser. The Cupolo Crew is very active in the market, we will show you homes that are currently listed and home that have recently sold. Chances are we have shown the comparables homes and know what features the property had to offer and the condition of the properties. An appraiser would not have seen any of the currently listed homes and there would be a very small chance that they had preformed the appraisal on the sold properties. The market value that we present to you will be more accurate than an appraiser. The other difference is we will provide you with an extensive report similar to the appraiser. Ours is FREE, the appraiser is going to charge you approx $300.00. Call us today.




  • STYLE OF HOME - Bungalows, 2 Storeys, Split Levels etc, do have different values. Other factors to be considered with style of home is square footage, layout, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage & garage size, lot size, direct access to yard from kitchen or dining room, basement walk out and more…… mostly thing that can’t be changed.


  • OVERALL CONDITION – Brick, stucco, siding will present different values. Also, condition of basement foundation, water problems, tilting/sloping floors, chimney and landscaping are just a few things to be considered on the overall condition of your home.


  • UPDATES – This is where the scales will tip top to bottom. Roofs, insulation, windows, kitchen, bathrooms, painting, flooring, fireplaces, finished basements, furnace, air conditioner and electrical make up the bulk of the list.


  • LOCATION! LOCATION !LOCATION! – You can’t change the location of your home. The city is ever changing and evolving. Schools, shopping, health care facilities, bus routes and your neighbors will affect the value of your home.


  • HOMES THAT HAVE SOLD & HOMES CURRENTLY FOR SALE – Homes that sold and are similar are a good measuring stick to what buyers are willing to pay for your home. Homes that are currently for sale do not have to be too similar to yours. Any home that is currently on the market will give an indicator on how you stack up to the competition. No two homes are exactly alike; there will be some variance in values.


  • CLEANLINESS – There is a saying that cleanliness is close to godliness. In Real Estate, cleanliness will bring you closer to a sold sign on your lawn. This is one area that little to no costs involved to bring extra value to your home. Smoke, food & pet odors will turn off many buyers and reduce value. If you are currently smoking in your home, STOP! , go outside (not the garage). A good coat for winter smoking is cheaper than the loss of value that will occur to your home.
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Please contact The Cupolo Crew if you have any questions about selling your home.  We service the entire Niagara Region.

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